The Challenge
To raise money for the Zimbabwe National Society Protection Cruelty Animals (ZNSPCA)... This is achieved by folk who volunteer to secure sponsorship from Donors for them to Cycle-Walk-Run from one of the lowest points in Zimbabwe [Lowveld 150M to 250M] to the highest point [Mt Nyangani 2592M]. The event is not a race & completion awards are made not on event places but on the amount of money raised by means of Gold, Silver & Bronze Medals. In saying this though daily times are recorded, cumulated & overall places are published!
Light Infantry or Heavy Infantry or Relay

Completed 10 Stages over 13 days varying from 42Km to 55Km.

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Road & MTB bike in Solo or Team or Relay

Completed in 4 Stages over 4 days varying from 160Km to 70Km.

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MTB Off Road in Solo or Team or Relay

Completed in 5 Stages over 5 days varying from 130Km to 80Km.

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$10,000 raised Medals Route

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